I’m a graphic designer with an affinity for the color orange and passion for storytelling. I went to school for editorial design and graduated with a love of all things paper and a collection of paint samples rivaling the thickness of a Pantone book.

Though my days are often filled with dreaming up production methods for a new project, dipping into my candy stash, and clicking around in Illustrator, my favorite part of my job is strategizing the best way to tell a story and help others.

I love the endless possibilities of design and believe that it can influence how people interact with their environment. More than delighting people and encouraging them, well-designed products and ideas should enable people to live easier and more fulfilling lives, helping them better understand the world they live in.

Breakfast is my favorite. Ginger and tea are life blood. Delight by design is my love language.

All the best and some sugar on top,